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Why I Live In New Mexico

WHY I LIVE IN NEW MEXICO   Ray Powell 2018 Candidate for New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands   When I was young my parents would have to drag me inside.  The ultimate punishment for ill behavior was to sit in a room with no windows.  My childhood passion was to stand in the middle of a…

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Cut natural gas waste to aid our state

The San Juan Basin is one of the most heavily developed energy fields in the Intermountain West. While the downturn in oil and natural gas prices has hit hard, there is a simple way we can boost energy and tax revenue – cut natural gas waste at existing oil and gas well sites. When development…

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Care for resources by investing permanent fund here

New Mexico has enormous intellectual talent, an unparalleled potential for renewable energy, and tremendous non-renewable mineral resources. The critical question we need to ask is – are we leveraging these assets to benefit the people of New Mexico? And, are we doing it in a manner that is sustainable, reduces risk and maintains the integrity…

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